Buzzing Lights : The Book


Buzzing Lights : The Book is the creation of Tanja-Tiziana she is a Photographer in love with Neon Signs, here is the press release that explains what this is all about.


 Photographer Spends Decade Documenting Neon Signs Across North America.
 Tanja-Tiziana, a photographer from Toronto, has spent the last 10 years travelling across North America documenting the world of neon signs. Her immense “Buzzing Lights” photo series is now being published as a full colour book celebrating the art of neon.
 The demand for neon signage has been in steady decline since the ‘60s when plastic, mass-produced alternatives made getting your message in lights more affordable to the average business owner. Still, those hand-shaped glass tubes continue to capture hearts and imaginations. The photographer’s fans are quick to offer their suggestions of beloved signs across the continent, as she valiantly tries to visit and photograph each one still lighting up an American street.
Tanja explains, “From small window signs to giant highway motel beacons, each one of those signs was crafted by hand. The glass tubes bent and shaped masterfully, then filled with gasses and electrified. It’s magic, science and art all twisted together into a very cool glow-in-the-dark package… and I’m like a moth, I suppose – drawn to the light.”
 Neon signage and vintage sign design have a huge following online and have steadily been making their way into our museums, our restaurants and soon, onto our coffee tables — with this new book.
Buzzing Lights: The Fading Neon Landscape in North America, is making the jump to print in the fall and Tanja has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund it the 1st edition.
“There is such an amazing and enamoured cult of followers for neon signs. I am looking to them to pitch in and help me show the world what they’ve known all along: That this is an artform worth preserving and worth celebrating.”
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