Glass Bending In The Heat of the Summer

The Neon Glass Bender dot com

The heat here in the summer where i live fortunately is not humid it’s a dry heat , but sometimes it gets to 110 degrees , the average in the summer is 100 degrees so the neon room is a little higher than that.
So my solution for keeping the neon room as low as i can is ;

  1. I have a fan on an opening on the wall close to the ceiling with a fan that sucks the hot air and sends it outside and i have another fan bringing in air from outside and i have it on the floor in an opened door , so air is circulating constantly, bringing air inside and the other fan taking hot air outside .
  2. And the other thing i do to lower the heat is not letting the fires increase the heat , i use a foot pedal to close and open the gas/air of my ribbon burner , so while i am not bending when i release the pedal it automatically goes to idle bringing the flame to a very low heat , and as soon as i am going to bend i step on the pedal and the fire goes to full force so i can bend , just by having that i lower the heat inside the neon room buy about 50% .