Making Money With Neon

Yes it is possible to make money making neon signs .
I have had to re-write this post because of new information that has come to me lately.
I have had calls come in from various parts of the country from sign shops that mostly do vinyl signs and have told me that there are no neon shops in some cities , and in  some cases some companies have to travel more than three hours to get to a city where there is nobody fixing the signs, so there is a big hole there that nobody is filling.



The following are some of the ways you can make money with neon.

  1. Window neon signs. These signs are installed on the inside of a store window, the usually are hanging by small chains and the transformer is installed on the back of the acrylic back.
  2. Window border neon light. This are straight sections of neon installed around the inside of a window in stores, this is one of the most profitable neon lights you can sell, and that is because it’s quick to make and easy to install.
  3. Custom neon sign. This could be made for business or for home, some people like to order their own style of neon to go in their mancave.
  4. Neon Art. in this type of neon there is no limit to what you can do, you are only limited by your imagination and creativity.
    for examples of neon art just google neon art and you will see.
  5. Repairs of neon. This to me is the most profitable because it takes very little time to do and you can charge very well.

The trick in whatever you do in neon is to be unique, people are drawn to signs or artworks that are different, if you are making a window sign try to make it in a font that is elegant and uncommon and that is because there are tons of neon sign being sold on the internet made with block letters so if your sign is made with a different type of font style that will be the determinant factor that will make your sign sell.
Like i said your imagination plays a very strong role in the success of your neon.