Museum Of Neon Art

I finally went to see the museum of neon art, for many years I’ve known of its existence and wanted to go but always postponed the trip for some reason, but i finally went.
I liked it, and I recommend you go visit it, it’s not a huge place but it’s good enough to satisfy your appetite for vintage neon signs.
I talked a bit with a lady there that seemed to be like the manager and i told her that i was a neon glassbender and she said that they were needing a glass bender for the neon shop they had there at the museum

, she said that the glassbender would only work on the weekends, variable hours, which meant maybe 8 hours a day or maybe less or more and paid $25.00/Hour,(If you are interested email Kim Koga at ,i said i would think about it which means i would consult it with my wife who has a colder opinion of everything, i have the tendency to be to optimistic almost to the point of being unreal, but she does not so her opinion is more realistic than mine and as i expected she said it was too far from our home, about a 2 hour drive, which ment a 4 hour drive, she did the math for the gas, the wear of the car and a risk assesment for driving on the highway because of my habit of falling asleep at the wheel and concluded that the answer would be a “No” all that in a few seconds, but of course i being a more down to fantasies and emotionally driven person i said “But it would be a great experience working at the museum, which meant i would like the feeling of it more than the money”  and again she brougth me back to earth and explained all the negatives that working there would be because of the distance, she was right of course and a no was the answer.
After being married for 40+ years (can’t remember how many exactly) you get to know your wife, and she has proven time and time again that she is very down to earth calculating person and i am a dreamer that thinks i can fly like a bird, and she always is calculating how much money it would take to fly like a bird plus the risk involved compared to the benefit acquired.
So here are some pictures of the place and a video.