Neon Glass Benders Studio/Shop, work Exhibit

A call to all neon glass benders of all ages and sizes, from here there and everywhere (Including extraterrestrials from other planets) I welcome you to your page on this website, send a video or two of your shop, show off your work, and say whatever you want to say, (as long as it’s with respect and courtesy), take advantage of the more or less 10000 visitors a month this website has from all over the earth and beyond, let your shop be known and seen by thousands, we need to publicize that Neon is alive and doing very well and that other unmentionable sources of light are fake and cheap and ugly as hell, so send your videos of your shop and your work to SCSNEON@GMAIl.COM , if the video file is to large for email then you can use
its free for 2GB, more than enough for a video, so come on don’t be shy and send that video.
Thank You

First video of this new year of 2021, sent by Mr Ziegenbein from Eugene Oregon, here he is showing us his beautiful Studio.