Problems And Solutions


Problem # 1

Your red units are not very red they are pink., and your solution is to have them burning in for an hour or so.
When a red unit is pumped correctly it only takes between 3 seconds to maximum 30 seconds(depending on length of unit) for the complete neon to be fully red.When it takes more than a minute then there’s something wrong.
Most of the time it’s the pump, it’s not pulling down to a minimum of 3 microns of vacuum. It either needs a change of oil or your pump is no good.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Problem #2

Pink tubes instead of red again.

Water in the oil will do that, it prevents a good vacuum and produces pink red units or mercury stained argon units.
So how did water get into the oil? Well one reason is you live in a very humid place, the other reason if you live in a very dry place is that it rained for 4 days and humidity was high for 4 days and the pump absorbed the humidity.

Change the oil and leave the pump running overnight .

Problem #3

You are using the new unleaded glass and you are gettig a lot of cracks on the double backs.

Reason and solution.
You are not heating the glass enough, for unleaded glass you have to adjust your fires to make them hotter and get the glass hotter , that will eliminate the cracks on the double backs.I also always anneal the already bent glass by passing it a few times thru the fires to eliminate any stress left on the glass.

Eliminating 90% of the problems at the pump.

  • This is for benders that use glass stop cocks in their manifold system.
    For years i used this type of manifold and i remember all the problems i used to have,
    In the summer the grease in the stop cocks would thin and they would start to leak air into the manifold.
  • I use glass flasks and i was always throwing away half full flasks because air got into them.

It was a lot of problems, but then i finally had the money to buy a complete O ring manifold from SVP Neon , and all my problems went away.
I now use that manifold with metal canisters and also i added a diffusion pump and a new vacuum pump, so all my problems went away, i could now just focus on pumping instead of trying to find the leak.