The Future Of Employment

Once Upon A Time in a not so distant past it was customary that you could find an employment and if you were a good employee you could work there for the rest of your life and then retire and live happily ever after the rest of your days traveling the world thanks to your 401k and social security check.
But that is not the case anymore, well unless you work for the government or better you are part of the armed forces in other words you are in the military, but if you are a civilian working a regular job and you are not a doctor then you better have several streams of income just in case one dries up.
Yes the times have changed and you will be lucky if your employer is still in business 8 years from now, so you better have a way of making money that does not depend 100% on one employment, and i am not talking of having two jobs i am talking of one job and another stream of income that does not require you to be an employee. Some people have an extra income selling stuff on Ebay others have their own website and sell there, etc.
So how do i know that the economy is not going to be as stable as it was before, the answer is because of the changes in technology and in business that in the past used to take decades to happen and people had time to adapt but today they take months and in some cases days and then suddenly you find out that your company was sold and that new management is coming in and that they want 30% of the workforce to be out, or there was a merger or suddenly a new product from the competition is making your company go broke, all the changes are happening in a very fast pace and that brings insecurity to the regular employee, so the only way to survive in the future is to be your own boss, maybe not in a 100% at first but as you still work at your regular job you are getting prepared just in case. One of the worst feelings i have had is going out looking for work and having to fill an employment form and handing out my resume. One time i went to ask for employment at a business (can’t say the name because) and the receptionist was not there but the forms were so i grabbed one and sat to fill the form, the receptionist came back but she didn’t see me and then i heard her talking on the phone with somebody and i heard her say ” Just come over here and fill the form, i’ll get you in, were just looking to fill one spot but we have to get more people to fill in the forms because it’s a requisite but you’ll be the one they choose, when i heard that i stopped writing and i stood up and handed the form to the lady and told her “Just throw it in the trash, i heard you so there’s no use in applying, she just looked at me without saying anything and i just left, and the reality is that in many places that’s what they do, people inside place family or friends in the companies so it’s even worse.
All this is, of course, depending on the job that you have, the one thing i know is that the more difficult it is what you do the more secure is your job, if what you do can be learned by anybody in a week then it’s no good you can be replaced in a second, but if what you do takes years of practice and training then it’s not going to be as easy to replace you. So you better be ready.