The Resurgence Of Neon

I was told by both of my Glass Bending Students that there was a big neon display at the grand central market in downtown LA and that it was incredible, they showed me pictures on their phones of the neon and it was really incredible, so i decided to go and see for my self, it’s just about a 2 hour drive from my home here in Murrieta, so of wee went (My wife and me or I ) . I had never been there before, i have been many times before to downtown LA but that part of downtown i had not been there before, and when i got there i not only saw the big neon display but a lot more neon, every stand there had neon, neon reigned there, it was a thrill and a joy to see so much neon still in use and i later found out that at least in Los Angeles there’s an increase of the use of neon in the city.
Here’s an article from LA Weekly titled ;
After Decades of Decline, L.A.’s Neon Light Industry Is Experiencing a Resurgence
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Photos from a visit i did to Grand Central Market downtown LA.