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The complete course of Glass bending for neon has been divided in three sections , making it easy for you to select the section you want to start on .
You can also buy the complete course or just go by steps and buy what you believe is more convenient for you.

The complete course is  ……………………$500.00
The First  section “The Fires Setup”
The second section “Glass Bending”
The Third section “Bombarding
The Fourth Section (New)
The fifth section (Neon Repair)
You will receive a password by e-mail to be able to watch the videos

Running Times
Section #1………….50 minutes
Section #2………3 hours 38 minutes
Section #3………..47 minutes
Updates …………..56 minutes


Contents of the Neon Glass Bending Videos Course

First section

The Equipment & how to set it up and information you will need to start practicing  glass bending

  • Where’s The Best Place to Install The Fires(video)
  • The glass benders tools (video)
  • How to sharpen Your File (video)
  • The Pattern and how to make One (video)
  • The Air Gas Manifold (video)
  • The Blower(video)
  • The Ribbon Burner (& How to light it up)(video)
  • The Economizer And The Foot Pedal (video)
  • The Crossfires (video)
  • The Cannon Fires (video)
  • The Hand Torches  (video)
  • Schematics(computer Drawings)

Second Section

” Glass Bending “

  • Where to Start (video)
  • Sizes of Glass and which size is better to start Practicing (video)
  • Types of Glass and leaded vs unleaded glass (video)
  • How To Cut The Glass When It Has Not Been Heated Previously (video)
  • How to Cut a Previously Heated Glass (video)
  • Welding Or Splicing (video)
  • Movement of the Glass while bending it (video)
  • Marking the glass for bending (video)
  • The Five Basic Bends (video)
  • Neon Letter Types (video)
  • The Double Back (video)
  • Welding An Electrode (video)
  • Welding On The crossfires (video)
  • The Curved Bend (video)
  • Bending letter A (video)
  • Bending The Letter H (video)
  • Bending The Letter O (video)
  • Bending The Letter R (video)
  • Patterns for practice (video)

Advance Bending

  • Script Bending First part (video)

Third section


  • Safety (video)
  • The bombarding Equipment (video)
  • The gases Used In Neon Signs (video)
  • The Leak (video)
  • The colors and combinations (video)
  • The Choke (video)
  • Bombarding (video)

Updates Page

  • Right Angle Raise(Video)
  • Welding an 8 foot Glass (Video)
  • How to keep double backs straight in on tube (Video)
  • Another way of cutting glass (Video)
  • Assembling a Neon Sign (Video)
  • Bending the Acrylic to form a U Shape  for a sign (Video)
  • Tipping of the tubulation the correct way (Video)
  • Bending Letters with Serifs (Video)

New Section #4

Fourth Section

This section will have less videos and more information in text form, but it’s as important as knowing how to bend glass.
One of the main problems that even very experienced glass benders have is that they don’t know how to sell their neon, or are afraid to go out and sell their products.
They just don’t know where to start, so this section will be full of advise from my personal experience after 27 years of making neon signs and selling them. In those 27 years i have been self employed and also employed,and before i went into neon glass bending i owned a automotive parts store, so the experience is there and that is what will be in this section.
It’s full of great time saving,money saving tips to start you in the right direction in your Neon Sign Business.

  1. Introduction
  2. How to start a small sign business
  3. How to sell your neon
  4. What neon is the most profitable neon
  5. What works and what doesn’t when selling neon
  6. Best tactic to eliminate the competition
  7. Where to sell your neon
  8. How to repair store front neon signs
    Contents in #9
    2.What to do if you are grabbed by the high voltage
    3. How neon channel letters are wired
    4. The force field around the neon glass
    5. Signs using PK housings
    6. Types of transformers
    7. Types of Installations
    8. The Timer
    9. How to prevent future problems with a customer
    10. Schematic drawings , and more technical information
    11. The Night Patrol
    Troubleshooting a Channel letter Sign
    1. Evaluation of the sign
    2. Where to start checking the sign
    3. The Channel Letter|outline
    4. The symptoms, the possible cause
    5. How to check a GFI transformer
    6. How to check the neon
    7. How to prolong the life of a neon sign
    8. Pk housings and Age of neon

More information will be added to this page on a regular basis, so this is just the start

Fifth Section … Neon Sign Repair

Videos showing how i repair neon signs, real cases, videos uploaded on a constant basis as they come into the shop