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What You Get

1.-This is a 5 day 5 hours a day glass bending for neon course,

2.-it’s a course for one person at a time. Personalized Teaching

3.-After the 5 days are over you can still come back for more instructions on the weekends, rent of the table and fires is $50.00/day

The teaching starts at 9 am to 12pm then one hour for lunch then from 1pm to 3pm for 5 days.
There is no date set for this course, if you are interested in taking this course please email me to talk about the best date to start.
From the first day you will be learning on the fires, glass bending is basically learned by doing, so you will start on the fires from day one.
You will be taught all the basic bends needed to know how to make a neon sign or a neon art piece, in this course you will be able to make a simple basic neon sign like an open sign but to completely be able to master glass bending you will need more time,  but what you get in this course is the basics to help you start.
After the week is over you will have to practice on your own fires until you are able to be consistent in your bends.
You will also be shown how to bombard a neon unit (inject the gas into the bent glass) you will also learn how neon signs are wires and will built a small neon sign on a piece of wood and wire it and light it up.
By the end of the course you will have bent a small neon sign that you will take with you.
For Information and prices please send an email to

Location of classes;

30422 Clover Crest CT
Murrieta California

If you are from out of town i can rent you a room, please inquire by email




Danielle Bonnet

 “Juan is a very encouraging teacher, he goes out of his way a lot for me to assist in my learning of glass bending. He has a lot of patience and is a natural teacher. I’m very glad to be learning under such an expert at neon”
Danielle Bonnet
Rei Kudo

Mr Rei Kudo took the week long neon glassbending course and then stayed for almost two months learning even more and practicing every day.
He said;
“I got more than i expected with the course and Juan is a very good teacher and gives you more than 100%, plus he is very patient.

Rei Kudo A Japanese Neon Artist
Rei Kudo A Japanese Neon Artist

Pierre Mariani

Neil Alston
Mr Neil Alston came from Idaho to take the week long neon glass bending course, here’s his testimony.

After years of being interested in the process of Neon, I found Juan, he is a patient and knowledgeable teacher, you can tell neon is a passion for him,
and I believe that comes through in his class, from day one I felt very comfortable with his teaching process and by the end of the week,
I could not wait to continue the neon bending process myself, if you truly want to learn the Neon process, there is no one I could recommend more
than Juan and his 5 day class. Don’t wait learn now.

Neil A.





Manuel Quesada 

From Riverside Ca.


Molly Rose Levine
From Brooklyn NY


Scott Adamson From Almonte Canada


Meredith Tucker From Houston Texas



Rosalie Phillips From Salt Lake City Utah


Preston Melbourne


Dewey Vidrine From Gonzales Louisiana


Pierre Mariani From Oceanside Ca.

“I got more than i expected with the course and Juan is a very good teacher and gives you more than 100%, plus he is very patient. “Mr Pierre Mariani originally from France but now lives in Oceanside Ca. took the week long neon glass  bending course.


Ashley Stevenson From Sacramento Ca.

Tyler Kensek From Los Angeles Ca.



Zach Peterson From Decorah Iowa


Alec Ansusinha From Los Angeles CA