Used and New Neon Manufacturing Equipment and Glass

April 23 2018

I am a retiring tube bender and have had a shop for over 30 yrs. I have a large quantity of coated and uncoated glass in many mm’s , lengths ( 2′ & 4′ ) and colors most of which is old leaded glass from GE, Masonlite, Brillight and the co. before Voltarc .

Is there a message board where I might find a bender in need of some of this glass ( for a price ) . I can’t make it all into neon art.

Pat Furlow

Sign Graphics South

Westminster, Maryland


August 4 2015
Hi Juan,
Thank you so very much for posting my items. I have been contacted by a lot of people.
There are some other items I am looking to part with now too.
I have a ;
Summa 24″ plotter and flexi sign 8.0. Also a
large wet band saw GS-100 by Denver Glass machinery.
Thank you again.
July 2, 2015
I am no longer bending glass as I teach ceramics full-time now.
I have the following equipment, transformers and glass for sale.
All prices do not include shipping.
My Crossfires and Canon Burner were custom built by someone working for a large well known company in the industry.  All have been used with artificial gas.
Crossfires $195, Canon Burner $90. Both have custom bases available. Voltarc-Hyde 7″ Ribbon Burner with Economizer and stand flange $200.
I have 3 Medo pumps which I used as blowers for each fire $75 each. I have 2 sets of a tipping torch, splicing torch and mixer. Each set $50.
1 box with 90 tubulated and 1 box 90 non-tubulated 6 mm neon tech electrodes $40 each.
There are 4 new single electrode transformers $25 each and 2 Luminglas crackle tube transformers new $40 each by Wayne Strattman purchased at a Penland workshop.
I have lots of  59″Classic Technolux Glass. Coated and Uncoated ranging from 6 mm to 18 mm lead glass.Here is a partial inventory list. Make a reasonable offer please. TECHNOLUX CLASSIC LEAD GLASS
#20-12 mm Cobalt 
#8-12 mm 3′ Cobalt,
#7 & 1/2 -10 mm Cobalt,
#5- 12 mm Ruby,
#13-12/13 mm Kelly
#2-10 mm Kelly
#3-3′ 12/13 mm Yellow
#3 & 1/2-10 mm Ruby,
#11-8 mm Orange,
 #8 &1/2-8 mm Aquamarine.
6 mm-7 cobalt, 13 yellow, 10 orange, 7 ruby, 6 & 1/2 Aquamarine, 6 Kelly, 2 Lime green.
 #6-15 mm Ruby, 4-2″ Ruby
#9-15 mm Cobalt
#4-15 mm Aquamarine, #1-3′, #1-18″
#8-15 mm Lime
#9-15 mm Kelly
#3-13 mm Orange
#3-13 mm Yellow
Additional items for sale are a Denver Glass Machinery Wet Band Saw $700. Murphy Fire Bucket $350.Paragon GL 22 and GL 24 220 volt glass fusing kilns.
Glass Blowing tools and DisplayBright show booth lighting.
Please contact me with any questions. I am located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.




Neon Glass Bending Equipment for sale


I am closing my father-in-laws neon shop in Comstock Park, MI (Neon Leon). If anyone is in need of equipment, torches or glass we have it all. There is a Eurocom EPS 2000 processing system with a turbo molecular pump, 16 point crossfire, 14 point crossfire, 10 point crossfire, 2 automatic ribbon burners, air pumps, secondary, eurocom processing system, 15 KVA Bombarder. In addition there is 1500 pounds of glass, mostly leaded. You may contact me a 


We are selling our new (2006) 3 man glass shop in its entirety. There are two bending stations and one pumping station and everything that goes with it.
In 2006 our factory burned to the ground and EGL put together our new neon plant. When we stopped making neon the entire working set up was carefully packaged and boxed. The set up originally cost about $30,000 in 2006. We are asking $5000 for everything. I hate that it is just sitting in boxes; someone should get to use it.
I have detailed lists of what we purchased in 2006 and can offer you trade references (customers) since you have no way of knowing our reputation.
My husband Tom is always here and knows everything about the glass shop. Please give him a call or email me if you would like more information. Thank you for your time.
Nancy Testa
Suburban Sign…Since 1947
210 Marion Ave
Linden, NJ 07036
Phone: 908-862-7222
Fax: 908-862-2541

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