Neon Glass Bending lessons Videos

I have put up a new Website where you will find the videos on glass bending.

If you want to learn how to make neon signs or neon for whatever application you want, this is the place .
here is a list of the videos

First section

The Equipment & information you will need to start practicing  glass bending

  • Do not Install Fires Outdoors
  • The glass benders tools
  • Types of Glass
  • How to sharpen Your File
  • How To Cut The Glass
  • The Pattern and how to make One
  • The Air Gas Manifold
  • The Blower
  • The Ribbon Burner (& How to light it up)
  • The Economizer And The Foot Pedal
  • The Crossfires
  • The Cannon Fires
  • The Hand Torches
  • Schematics

Second Section

” Glass Bending “

  • Where to Start
  • Movement of the Glass while bending it
  • Marking the glass for bending
  • The Five Basic Bends
  • Neon Letter Types
  • The Double Back
  • Welding An Electrode
  • Welding On The crossfires
  • The Curved Bend
  • Bending letter A
  • Bending The Letter H
  • Bending The Letter O
  • Bending The Letter R
  • Patterns for practice


Third section


  • Safety
  • The bombarding Equipment
  • The gases Used In Neon Signs
  • The Leak
  • The colors and combinations
  • The Choke
  • Bombarding process

In this videos you will find enough information to keep you busy for months of practice .But there will be more videos coming ,and you will be granted access for just one payment.

The webiste is