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I have added a subscription form to this website and i invite all glass benders not only from the USA but from all over the world to subscribe or anybody interested in the Neon Glass Bending craft. My intention is to be in touch with other neon glass benders so we can share information that could help us  to keep our craft going strong , we need to share information for example on where to find glass , or electrodes or any other material we used to find very easily before but we can’t find locally anymore , or share information on employers looking for glass benders,or glass benders looking for work or equipment being sold , maybe you have found a better way to ship neon without breaking or what shipping company is the best for shipping neon,or any useful information for a Glass Bender. By subscribing you will receive by E-mail any new information that i have found or that somebody has sent me that would be of importance to you.Also feel free to use the comments section below for any questions or comments you may have.

You can use the Subscription form to the right of this page
it’s a free subscription