One of the questions i am asked the most when clients come to my shop and see all these weird tools is “How did you ever get into this business”

So i give them the short or long version of the story depending on the amount of work at the moment or motivation, and i always tell them that it was one of those things that just happens, nothing planned, i was there at the right moment and my father in law happened to be the owner of the sign business, but what really was going thru my mind was that i wanted Freedom, i was after freedom, i didn’t want to be an employee i wanted to be able to have control of my life and not depend on anybody, and most of all i hated being chained to the clock, having to start my day based on a time of day, i hated that, it made my life miserable, even if i had been doing it since i started in school, al thru elementary school, up to part of college, and many years that i had to be an employee, because there was no other way, but my plans were to break free of the schedule of 9 to 5 world, i felt like a robot, and i saw glass bending like a way of getting there, and i did, even if i had to be a robot for some years before i went on my own, but now finally i got rid of the alarm clock, no more alarms for me, today i get up when my body tells me when to get up, and i know what you are thinking, “He gets up late” but that’s not what happens, i almost every day get up at around 4;30 to 6 am, it’s kind of crazy but that’s the way it is, but i don’t start working until around 8 am, sometimes 7;34 or sometimes 8:05 but it’s never the same time, and sometimes it’s 10pm and i am still bending glass, what i like is that no matter what time it is i can work for 4 hours in the morning and stop and then work for 5 hours in the evening, and something very funny about time that happened as soon as i started working for myself, time was not the same anymore compared to when i was an employee, now actually time does not matter.  One thing i liked about making Neon is that every sign or logo or art work i do for my clients is different, every single one is different and that is very important to me because it’s like  every job is a new challenge.