Neon Colors

This is a question that i am asked a lot.Where does the Neon color come from?
The manufacturer of the glass already sells the glass with a predetermined color , the color is in the phosphorous powder that is on the inner walls of  the glass.

And it’s also determined by the gas you put in the neon unit. The most used gases are ;
Neon and Argon
For example if you use green glass and you put in argon the neon will glow green .

But if you put Neon gas in the same green glass unit it will glow orange.
Argon gas will produce the color that the imprint has on the outside of the glass ,but putting neon gas will produce a different color.
for example;

Blue glass w/neon gas produces Pink glow
Purple glass w/ neon gas will produce a much darker pink.

An Ultra violet lamp will make the powder inside the glass glow the color it really is because when not lighted up it looks white

Neon Glass Tubes-Neon Glass
Neon Glass Tubes-Neon Glass