The Importance Of The Electrode

neon electrodes
neon electrodes







There are two very important factors in the manufacturing of neon that can not be undermined and that is ;

1.- The electrode
2.- The amount of vacuum the pump reaches .
There are many electrode brands being sold out there from many countries, but not all electrodes are made equal.
You could say that the life of the neon sign depends on the electrode,i have seen neon signs built with cheap chinese electrodes that did not last more than a few months,that is why if you want your neon to last a long time you better use good electrodes,i have only used two brands in all the years i have been making neon signs and that is because if one brand has worked well why experiment with another brand , i used EGL electrodes all my life and it was just 5 years ago that i ventured into trying another brand and i did it because of the person that was selling them, i trusted that person when he told me that his electrodes were of good quality , even then i started using them in a limited way installing them in small jobs that were local, after i tested them and found them to be of good quality i started to use them in all my jobs, i have been using them for 5 years now with no problems , the brand is SVP electrodes from SVP Neon equipment,, .

The other very important factor that many shops do not give much importance is the vacuum that your vacuum pump reaches, it has to be less than 5 microns , actually i am not satisfied with the vacuum until it reaches 2 microns , and to know how much vacuum your pump gives you you need a vacuum gauge, it’s just impossible to produce good quality neon if you do not reach 2 to 3 microns of vacuum. Do  not make the mistake of not having a vacuum gauge.