The Possibilities Of Neon

NEON is starting to be considered a nostalgic product, the consequence is that it’s starting to be used more by many businesses that want to give their place a nostalgic cool look.
Before neon was something that was very common but now it’s being considered like a special very cool nostalgic light, and when people and businesses do that then the price of neon goes up and because there are only a handful of people doing neon well guess what happens, you become a very sought out person.
I’ve had an increase of jobs coming from sign companies that sold a neon job and want me to do the neon because they don’t have the equipment to do it, in other words they sub out the neon to me. And i also have had interior designers selling neon and subbing out the neon to me, i only do the neon and they come pick it up, i don’t do installs or anything else i just do the neon they sell it and install it.
I also have been contacted by artists that want to incorporate neon in their art work, and also i get work from sign maintenance people that need a letter or two fixed for a channel letter sign. So neon is finding it’s place again in the world and it’s looking good.