How I Became An Artist

One beautiful summer day in Oceanside ca.  where i used  to work in this sign company which by the way  i can’t mention the name in fear that i may hurt somebodys feelings,so as i was saying one beautiful hot summer day here comes this beautiful blue eyed lady into the neon room, once in a while we would get visitors in the neon room because it was something that most people have never seen , how neon is made. So here comes this lady which i can’t remember her name but i sure remember her beautiful blue eyes ,and stops at my table, i instantly reach for something to clean my sweaty face trying to look better than i usually do. And the lady with an expression of amazement says “Wow i didn’t know this is how you made neon”
to which i answered “Hi i am Juan what’s your name?”
And she told me her name and then kept on saying that it was incredible the way  i worked, then i went to explain the whole process and she was elated with me , well with my explanation of the process , that’s when she said “You must be an Artist ” to which i answered “I am?”
And she said”Yes you are , this is an artistic talent you have”
Yes i said, i am an artist ,now that you mention it,
And of she went thanking me for the tour of the neon department. I never saw her again in my life ,but i will always remember those blue eyes, and other parts that were also interestingly attractive.
I later found out that she worked for the company and was a new sales person , and she was getting familiarized with the manufacturing process.
So that’s how i became an artist.Been an artist ever since.
Like i said in the beginning i can’t say the name of the company but it’s in 4602 North Ave
Oceanside, CA
Great company to work for , i had a very good time there.
So what happened?
I got laid off , i blame the New technology LEDs and a bad economy.
I saw that little by little they were using more LEDs in the signs and less neon so eventually neon got replaced ,so out the door i went.Best thing that could have happened , i have my own neon sign business and i get to meet great and very interesting people and i get to write about me in this blog , and when i get up in the morning ,i get up because i want to get up not because i have to get up ,even if it’s 5 am .