The Future Of Neon2

Sometimes i come across friends that i have not seen in years and that i used to work with and they always ask me “What do you do now” and i answer “neon like always” and they say”really i thought that neon was dead , no i tell them , i have enough work for 8 hours a day Monday thru Friday, and as time goes by i am getting, even more, work right now i have to tell my clients that it will take me about 3 weeks to have their neon done and that is because i can only go so fast and plus i’m not getting any younger, i get tired faster .
And if you want to know the secret of how i managed to have this amount of work,

it’s all thanks to my websites, youtube, blogs etc.
I have seen throughout the years how neon has been shifting in demand, it used to be mainly made for channel letters but today it’s being made more as exposed neon in businesses and it’s being used by home interior decorators, and some artist, so the shift is to the art type of market.
I heard from a person that works for a big sign company that they are getting more orders of neon than before, not for channel letters but for exterior and interior exposed neon, so neon is getting to be the cool looking light where LEDs can not go into because they are not Neon.
So neon is looking brighter every day, so don’t sell your neon equipment.