The Last Glass bender 2

To all glass benders out there in the world, and i literally mean the world, if you are in Africa,England,Rusia,or Argentina or anywhere i am inviting you to send your story, either good or bad about what you have done after LEDs took over the world. Are you still bending glass, or have you moved on to greener pastures,every story is different and every story is important, and that is because i know that some of you have found a way to still be in the glass bending business just like i am still doing neon, but i know some have moved on to do other things, so why not tell your story, maybe it will help somebody out there in finding a way to keep on making neon or to find a job that relates to neon in some way, so to all neon glass benders of the world tell your story . Use the comments section to put your story