Where Can I Learn How To Make Neon Signs

Neon Glass Bender School

When a person asks me”how can i learn how to make neon signs ” i tell it like it is, i don’t like to mislead people into thinking it’s easy and quick, i sell a set of 60 videos in which i teach not only how to bend the glass but also how to setup the equipment , the whole enchilada and with extra salsa.
But before they buy i tell them what they need to have to be able to practice, because it takes months of practice to start to see some consistency in the bending, so they need at least the table and the fires to practice and of course a place to put everything.
The prices that i have seen today you could probably buy all the bending equipment for about $500.00 , then you need a place to setup everything and also a build a wooden bending table , then you are ready to start practicing. The bombarding equipment can wait , it’s a bit more expensive.
With the videos i sell you will be able to start practicing , i went to extremes to be very detailed and not leave anything out , you will be able to see closeups of the bends and how they are made. If you can not find a neon bending school or if you find one but it’s all the way on the other side of the US then my videos will be for you. There are several techniques to bend glass, the technique i teach is the fastest way a person can learn, i have seen people do in a few months what others using the old technique do in a year or more. When i was learning to bend glass, my teacher taught me the only way he knew , which was the old way, and it was very hard , some years later i re learned the new way when i saw a glass bender bending that way , after a few tries and about two days of practice i was bending the new way , I call it the new way because it was new to me back some years ago, i never went back to my old technique because of the results of my new way of bending , my bends were a lot stronger , they were a lot easier to bend and i increased my quality in two days by about 50% .
So that is what i teach in my videos. If you have a place to setup your equipment and want to start learning how to make neon signs go to this website where you can buy any of the set of videos you need .www.neonglassbendingvideos.com
f you have any questions please E-mail them to scsneon@gmail.com or call (951) 306-6628