To Follow A Dream

neon art

Mr Nori Mori is a young Japanese  artist with a dream , his dream started in japan , he told me he always wanted to be an artist , his type of art is paintings and modern sculptures.
He came to the US because he wanted to come to the place where artist have a better chance of being successful, so he moved to california, Tustin to be exact.
He found me on the internet and called me , he said that he needed some neon done for his next art exhibit. He made the trip all the way from the city of Tustin , which is close to Long Beach California, a good two hour drive if your lucky . He came in and showed me his drawing , this was the first time a client had the neon pattern already made of what he wanted , he had made a very exact pattern, he wanted a neon made that said “ART MAY POSSIBLY EXIST NOWHERE”
He spoke good English for the time he had been in the USA , after a while he started to tell me about the dream he had and was pursuing , he said that he discovered very early in his life that art was a passion of his , he said that in school he never passed by an opportunity to participate in the art exhibits and competitions they had , but he said” For some reason i have always wanted to come to the USA and create my art here , if you manage to succeed in the USA you have made it to the top . So his dream was to be known in the USA as a artist and have his art recognized . He had exhibited his art in small art galleries, but he still had to see his dream come true that is to become a famous artist in the USA. In the meantime to survive he was a sushi chef in a Japanese restaurant in Long Beach .
A few weeks later the  neon was ready, not before making some changes to the colors of some of letters ,so he made another trip to pick up  his neon ,he was a very happy Japanese artist with his neon . I got an E-mail a week after he picked up his neon.

“Thank You very much Mr Juan for the neon
I hope you and all your family would have the happy life
I will send you some pictures when I finish my paintings.

Haven’t heard from him since hope he fulfills his dreams.