Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, You’re Right.

Henry FordOne of the pleasures of life is learning new things , but a true extraordinary pleasure is doing something that you thought you could not do and doing it , it not only a pleasure it’s a surprise , and then you look back and you can’t believe you thought you couldn’t do it.
That’s what this quote from Henry Ford refers to “Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, You’re Right
It’s all in your mind , if you are convinced you can not do it you are right you will not be able to do it because of your belief, but if you change your belief and think you can do it you are right you will be able to do it.
In life sometimes you decide to try something new ,sometimes you are pushed to do something you are convinced you can’t do and then you find out that you can.
That has happened several times in my life and it’s been such a pleasure conquering the impossible (according to me) that now i jump into situations that i believe are impossible and eventually find out they where just impossible in my head it was just a mirage.
When i was offered to train to make neon signs i was so convinced that i was not going to succeed that i gave up a day after i started , i was going to tell my father in law (Owner of the Sign Co.) that i was not the person for that job , but before i told him i told my teacher that i was quitting because it was to difficult ,i told him i don’t think i am able to do it.
He said , if that is really the reason  you are quitting, i can tell you, you are wrong , i can see that you are going to be a glass bender, he said, i can see you have it in you , i can guarantee you will learn if you stick to it , so what’s it going to be , are you in or are you out.
He believed in me more than i believed in myself , i felt that that was a very important moment , and it really was , i didn’t really know how important and i didn’t know that that opportunity would not  come again so i said Ok i am in.
That was 1988 and ever since i have been doing Neon and it’s been a great experience.